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EXCEL Level 2


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MANAGE EXCEL DATA WITH TABLES AND FUNCTIONS Excel Level 2 CONTENT Common Functions Relative and Absolute References Named Ranges Create a Named Range Use Named Ranges to Navigate and Create Formulas Manage Named Ranges Apply Functions IF Functions VLOOKUP Functions COUNTIFS and SUMIFS Functions COUNTIFS function SUMIFS function CONCAT Function Linking Data Across Worksheets and Workbooks Linking data within the same sheet Linking data across worksheets and workbooks Linking data using a 3 dimensional formula Using consolidation to consolidate across workbooks Consolidate by position Consolidate by category Date and Time Functions Understanding date and time calculations Date formats The NOW() Function The TODAY() Function Import Text Files Separate Data Fields with Text to Columns Create Subtotals with PivotTables PivotTable areas for field placement Row and Column fields Report filter fields Adding Fields Useful Key Commands

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