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EXCEL Level 1

Introduction to EXCEL

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EXCEL Level 1 ANALYSE DATA USING EXCEL TABLES Contents 1. Add Data to a Spreadsheet 2. Set up the Quick Access Toolbar 3. Wide Backstage view when opening and saving files 4. Add Data to a Spreadsheet 5. Edit Cells 6. Navigate a spreadsheet a. Select Data 7. Move, Copy and Paste Data a. Copy and paste b. Use Fill to copy data 8. Copying formulas and relative references a. Moving functions and formulas b. Using the fill handle to add data 9. EXCEL tables and Pivot Tables a. Preparing your data i. Field names ii. Fields iii. Records b. Navigate a list 10. Create a table a. Sort data b. Filter data c. Create subtotals d. Sort and filter by colour e. Remove a table 11. Manage Multiple sheets a. Insert worksheets b. Move and Copy Worksheets c. Rename worksheets and colour sheet tabs d. Grouping worksheets e. View two worksheets of the same file i. Hiding and unhiding rows and columns f. Insert rows and columns g. Delete rows and columns i. Freeze panes and split view 12. Create and use simple functions and formulas a. Order of calculation b. Create formulas c. SUM, AVERAGE, MAX and MIN functions 13. Print Workbooks a. Normal view b. Page layout view c. Page break preview view d. Set a print area e. Set rows as repeat titles 14. Create Charts a. Modify a chart 15. Useful key commands

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